The New Normal ?


It all started when…

The waters rose up after an intense winter of snow and ice accumulation. The extremes of rain and melting rapidly created flood conditions for the second time in two years. Is this our new normal ? Are we ready for the wake up calls that are happening all around us ? Flood zone or not, you have surely felt the reality coming that we will have to be ever more adaptable than every before in the face of climate change.

In the case of the flooding in my home village of Sainte Anne de Bellevue, we were not prepared in 2017 at all. The river hadn’t flooded in 50 years, perhaps it’ll get high but not flood. IT’s classic human optimism/denial when deep down scared shitless. This time around the village was much better prepared and averted some of the disasters of the last food - saving homes on the waterfront, keeping roads open, and even the infamous boardwalk made it close to 10 days before flooding over. With water on the brink of the lift-locks, and completely covering the pier, forcing some ( including me) from our homes in case Hydro needs to be shut off for safety, we all have to wonder if this will be the new normal to prepare and evacuate ? If it is , how ca we be even more prepared next time? Do we move to higher ground? Accept government buy outs way lower than the values of our homes? Is the beauty of life that close to the water worth the price of this - for those who CAN go back home?

We will all have a lot to consider once this crisis dies down and we’re in the aftermath. Whether you are affected by floods or not, the same principles apply to any wake up call in life. You may get a wake up call in your health - do you go into denial ? Do you actively change your life to prepare for the next time ? Will there BE a next time ? These are all very stressful decisions to make.

What other wake up calls have you faced this year? I am a big believer in patterns of energy. Of course not everyone is going through a crisis or major life wake up call - perhaps they are the whispers before the screams to change? It seems no matter how loudly we yell. no matter how much we “know” or research things with the highest of expertise, humans are brilliant at denying things until faced with a crisis. We are capable of so much more, but tend to default to the fear and avoidance until forced model. Are you we going to do this with climate change as well ? Aren’t we already ?!

What I do feel is a certainty is that we’re in a time of fast change - not all with be bad - but we will have to be more adaptable and quicker to decide and prepare than we’ve been before. We may wonder where the heck we can go for a sense of security ? but that was an illusion all along really. Some generations enjoyed it longer than others - and they preciously guard it where they can. But the world is changing far too rapidly now for any of us to say, “In five years I will be… “ Who knows! So how do we live well in the face of this level of insecurity ?

In my humble opinion, you open your eyes, build strong communities and friendships, sharpen your knowledge and skill set for more autonomy wherever you can, and you be ready to adapt and ready to help prevent as much as we can - more crisis. Gratitude is the name of the game - interdependence is key, and compassion for all beings - human, plant or animal - is tantamount.

Stay Safe