Turning Points and Closure


You made it. 
July is over. 
You survived 2 eclipses and 7 retrograde planets! 
Mercury is direct now, and Jupiter goes direct on the 12th so this month starts to lighten up. 

So what did you learn during this inner depths plumbing expedition ?
There were many parallel experiences I saw in most of my clients, friends and family so let's take a look at them and see  if you can relate too

1. Blasts from the past. 
Running into old friends, ex boyfriends and girlfriends, even estranged parents cropping up out of the blue. Some of us met them again or had encounters in the flesh or on line, and others reported just suddenly thinking about someone again, or processing it even though they though they had already.

2. Dreams and Nightmares. .
Almost all of my friends, family and clients reported having many  - not just one weird night - but many nights of deep dreams, symbolic dreams, odd or disturbing dreams, and downright nightmares.  So if it was happening to you, you're not alone. This is how a retrograde fest can play out in the psyche. Whatever doesn't make itself aware to us while waking, surfaces through the veils in our sleep. I found it to be helpful at times to understand that I was still linked or hadn't fully accepted something and dream it. The nightmares, well... not so fun. They do show us a lot though if we look at the underlying fear in them and address our distorted thinking on a particular person or subject.

3. Body Aches, Pains and weird migrating sensations
So many people were talking to me about inflammation and body pain that I wanted to give the world a giant turmeric pill!  The energies rising and releasing seemed to have us all full of joint pain, inflamed ankles and hands, amongst other things like sudden strange headaches, or a flare up somewhere that cleared in a day or two.  It's rough at first to go through until you make peace that your emotions and old thoughts are bubbling to the surface and the suppression has given you physical discomfort. As soon as we release or make a decision - poof! Many - including myself- saw that these symptoms cleared up

4. True Turning Points
Many beautiful stories of true turning points were part of this cycle. for lots of people I know or saw, there was a line int he sand now there, or a door now closed with peace. It's beautiful to see a true moving on moment. In many cases of course the decision or line was clear a long time ago, but now events or just emotional readiness to accept it and act on it is finally there. A new chapter awaits.

5. Closure
With the decisions and insights and the level of self love and self acceptance I see, the courage I have seen to move forward, there has been true closure for many. 

If you're still struggling in any phase of this then I really recommend letting go and making a strong stand for your own self respect and well being. Everyone I've seen who was ready to do that had amazing turn-arounds in their bodies and a liberated feeling emotionally. 

If you want any help with that, you can message me :)