Spiritual Events and Workshops  

Healing and awakening the soul

Mediumship Training - part 1

January 14th to March 20th             7:00 -9:30pm  $333

Mediumship Training - part 1

6 session series to help you begin the journey to contacting Spirit

This course is for those who already have clear signs of being able to contact spirits. 

You might have dreams of angels, guides, ancestors or dis-incarnates. Perhaps you have received messages in some form from a spirit - through deep trance, dreams, hearing words, or just knowing information suddenly like a download. You may have felt a presence around you. There are a few classic signs that you are able ad ready to speak with the Spirit world, and most people feel overwhelmed and lost when it begins. Why is it happening to me? What am I supposed to DO about it? How do I shut it off or control it ? How do I develop it further ? Who are my Spirit Guides ? All of this will be discussed and you will receive guidance and training to open to this work safely and to enhance your life.

* This is not a spectator sport or entertainment. If you haven't' had experiences like this already you likely aren't ready to. IT's ok, when and if you do you can contact me then. If you are using anxiety medication this is NOT for you. If you are using drugs and alcohol regularly this course is NOT for you. I will be speaking to everyone interested and able to do the training and will be honest with you if you aren't ready.

Mediumship is life altering and powerful. For those able and ready it can change your live and help many. 

January 14th, 28th February 11th, 25th March 6th, 20th 7 - 9:30pm $333

To sign up please email me first at river.rain.catharine@gmail.com




Meditation Series

I hold multiple classes and series in guided meditation, visualization, mindfulness and sound healing.         To see the current class schedule


Intuition Circles

February 4th                                                              7:30-9pm, $30                                  

Practice your intuitive skills amongst other like minded people - if you are highly sensitive, empathic, get strong gut feelings - this is the place to meet safely and tune in together and strengthen your gifts.
We gather in a sacred circle and smudge. You are guided in a meditation for relaxation and spiritual protection. We all share questions in our lives with the group and we take turns sharing what we sense for each-other. In this way we become each other's spiritual council. You are taught little tools and tricks to help you tune in deeper and trust it more.                                                                                 


Chinese Astrology

January 25th                                       7 -9pm, $30

We will take you through each of the 12 Chinese signs to help you understand their nature and your compatibility with each one. Then we will get a glimpse of how the Year of the Rooster 2017 might be for you !

Smudging Cleansing and Clearing

January 18th   7 -9 pm, $30

The ancient art of smudging is done as a spiritual ritual for protection and blessings. It removes negativity and literally kills bacteria from the air, so it has a purifying effect. Other herbs are also powerful medicines to clear and protect. We will be meditating and using various herbs to sense the subtle differences, while cleansing and clearing ourselves this workshop. You will feel clean and clear :)

If you like any particular herb I have some available afterwards.

$30 sign up in advance

Catharine Allan
Clairvoyant Medium
514 943 7246