Spiritual Events and Workshops  

Healing and awakening the soul

Tarot Share Night !

March 29th                                   April 19th                                       May 24th                                         June 14th                                           7:00 -9:30pm  $20

No need to be an expert to join us ! Everyone needs to practice their tarot readings on new people. We all need that valuable feedback from our readings and a place to feel comfortable saying what we sense. I create a safe atmosphere for sharing and going further with your abilities. You don't need to be an expert or know your entire tarot deck. You can come as long as you are willing to depart from reading the booklet and trust your own INTUITION with the cards. 
Come join us - the last one was a lot of fun!

Tarot Reader Series

April 14th  1-3pm                                  10 weeks $400

The Major Arcana are the 22 archetypes that show the stages on life's journey. Each one represents deep wisdom about the development of who we are, and how we can grow.

Join us for this exploration of the cards in a weekly series. We will learn and practice reading for each other, and you will be amongst like minded people for the best discussions ever!


Meditation Series

I hold multiple classes and series in guided meditation, visualization, mindfulness and sound healing.         To see the current class schedule


Intuition Circles

March 22nd                                                           April 15th                                                                   May 17th                                                                     June 10th                                                              7:00-9:30pm   $30                                  

Do you trust your gut ? Do you often go against your gut feelings ? Come practice your intuitive skills amongst other like minded people - if you are highly sensitive, empathic, get strong gut feelings - this is the place to meet safely and tune in together and strengthen your gifts.
We gather in a sacred circle and smudge. You are guided in a meditation for relaxation and spiritual protection. We all share questions in our lives with the group and we take turns sharing what we sense for each-other. In this way we become each other's spiritual council. You are taught little tools and tricks to help you tune in deeper and trust it more.                                                                                 


Divine Healing Seminars

April 16th and 23rd                             1 - 4pm,  $222

Lear to connect with the Divine through your Spirit Guides, Archangels and your Higher Self. Learn to cleanse your energetic field, heal many things in your life and be more at peace 



Psychic Development Series

April 22nd   7 -10 pm,  6 weeks  $360

Psychic Development Series

Are you psychic ? Do you have flashes, visions, dreams that have been predictive? Do you see or sense           spirits ? Are you an excellent judge of character?

 Do you find that you feel what others are feeling very strongly ?

If you answered yes to even one of these, you may have intuitive and healing gifts you haven't yet tapped into. This series will open them up and guide you safely to developing it more and trusting yourself with it. 

Clairvoyant Medium
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