Earth Angels - Are You One ?

Earth Angels

Contracts of Friendship and Support
You each come here with many plans and contracts to fulfill as part of your earthly mission. Sometimes your contracts of friendship and support mean that you enter the lives of those who need assistance or awakening. Once they embark on their path of purpose, it feels like they leave you and move on. This is not always easy for you to feel them and their departure so strongly, as if it is a part of your heart and your physical body.

Have you ever heard the term Earth Angel ? Would you know how to spot one ? or maybe you are one yourself !  Earth Angels can be identified by certain qualities they show and the patterns of their life paths. 

Here are some of the ways you can tell if you are an Earth Angel :

1. "I've never told anyone this ... "
People have always confided in you. They know they can open up to you and trust you from the second they meet you or very soon. You start becoming the keeper of confidences and secrets very early.
2. You have wisdom of love beyond your lived experience
The Earth angel path starts early. Somehow you have patience and wisdom beyond your lived experience. You know how to advise someone and encourage openness, honesty and communication.

 3. You find suffering and self harming actions of humans VERY upsetting. Maybe you cried when you realised people would want to harm themselves with drugs, alcohol, violence and self harm.  You were never attracted to those activities.  It just didn't make sense to you that people could hate themselves that much. It broke your heart

4. You felt compelled to help people early and continue to be driven to help others.
People may often misunderstand your choices in relationships and friendships. They are usually about healing than mutuality. The relationship can fade or end when the mission is over. This can create a lot of loneliness and abandonment or compassion fatigue later on in life.

5. You have gone through a burnout from over-helping
Many Earth Angels have gone through burnout and depression after becoming depleted helping someone who was too much for their current experience. We must all learn detachment and our own emotional limits even as angels.  But Limits make you feel guilty - you usually help because its' needed, and go beyond your own limits out of compassion for the other person's needs. Thus the burn out and depression - to signal to you your limitations. 

A Renewed Passion for Life - Those that you assist will find a renewed passion for life and the human experience - that is such a beautiful gift that you can give to others. Don't underestimate your power to help others and know that you too can ask for assistance should you feel the need. You will always draw new people and relationships to you that mirror who you are and who you are becoming. Those who are loving and compassionate, teach about love and compassion. Those who feel peaceful teach about peace, and those who are kind, teach about the power of kindness.

6.  Extremely empathic to ALL beings - special relationship to animals. 
You have always known animals are souls, no education or vegan campaigns needed.  You feel what others feel - human and animal.

7.  It's normal to serve - you don't really see it as a mission - you just did it because it's needed.  It is not EGO driven to help. You aren't even thinking of putting your name on a banner or telling everyone how many people you helped. You don't brag or boast, and in fact probably don't say anything to others at all.

8. You may not feel you belong on Earth at all.  So many Earth Angels have told me they want to go home, and home doesn't' feel like it's here on planet Earth. They feel longing and pain to go home where they know a dimension where love presides, vs suffering. 

9. Boundaries - huh ?     Earth Angels don't really understand boundaries.  The concept of separation or needing to have them for protection just doesn't' dawn on us until we've had them transgressed enough ways, enough times that we've been harmed.  It's really important to set them and not feel guilty for having them. 

Use Spiritual Protection

Invoke angelic assistance at any time you feel vulnerable, unsafe, in particularly harsh energy, or just because you need a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. There can be many reasons why you feel nervous, vulnerable or even fearful, however your angels want you to know that you are not alone and that they are here to help and support you in your mission of being a human.

10. Content behind the scenes  -  Angels aren't looking for accolades ,they just serve and fidn ways to help. Recognition often doesn't come and that's ok.  The help and guidance or emotional support is often so deep and personal that others don't go around saying, "oh she helped me so much," until long after they're ok and on their feet again.  We work behind a veil of sorts and need to accept this path. 

11. You resist asking for help.  You feel you should be able, strong enough etc all the time for others and feel bad asking for help. You may feel you have failed if you need help. You're supposed to be the helper not the other way around. Accepting help, asking for your needs may be the hardest lesson of all for you, but you must if you are to keep up the lightwork 

You are not alone !