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If you would like to reach Susan or Raheli for questions or Astrology Sessions you can reach them at their websites here:

 Susan Kelly   

 Rahelio Rodriguez


Are we really meant to be monogamous ? This show we explore all the variations of Triangles and Trinities - spiritual aspects and love triangles as well as other forms of triangulation that affect our lives. 

Is home a place? a detail of your apartment or house? Is it where your pets are? family ? or perhaps home is a community or city  ?  Come explore ideas of home in the midst of  the flooding crisis here in Canada.  We can always make a place our home if there is love :)

Marry in May, rue the day !  May born kittens are not good hunters.  Come listen to why these superstitions came to be and realte to the pagain holiday of Beltaine

Exploring themes of re-birth and personal resurrection from different traditions for Easter/Ostara - all with great music

Take a journey through the sign of Aries - the good the bad and the ugly - all shown through great discussion, music, film clips and spoken word. Understand the Aries in your life or your own chart. 

Chiron through the signs and an exploration of many types of emotional and psychological wounds we all have to heal.  Listen to a great cross section of music that illustrates all aspects of the wounded healer.  If you want  to check which sign your Chiron fall in you can go here 

Venus is retrograde from March 4th to April 15th making our relationship lives more intense and under scrutiny. We may have old lovers show up, soulmates too - or we may need to face the karma we carry and learn to let it go. 

From transcendent creative states of mind to escapism and self destruction - the psyche of Pisces!

Who were you in another life or lives? Who did you reincarnate as this time around ? Where were you from ? Which archetypes follow you ?  Join us as we explore past lives through geography, era and archetype.

Romance, Heartbreak, Shadow Love, Healing, Manifesting and Slow Dancing - Good vibez for you tonight !

We are all here on this planet - no matter your race, religion, size, age, gender orientation, sexuality, plant or animal - unless there were a reason.  We all belong. Let's find our rainbow and our tribe :)

My Rainbow Race

Pete Seeger

One blue sky above us
One ocean lapping all our shore
One earth so green and round
Who could ask for more
And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die.

Some folks want to be like an ostrich,
Bury their heads in the sand.
Some hope that plastic dreams
Can unclench all those greedy hands.
Some hope to take the easy way:
Poisons, bombs. They think we need 'em.
Don't you know you can't kill all the unbelievers?
There's no shortcut to freedom.

One blue sky above us
One ocean lapping all our shore
One earth so green and round
Who could ask for more
And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die.

Go tell,…

Year of the Fire Rooster began January 28th and will represent a time of courage, passion and truth telling.  Listen tot he show to get a deeper sense of the Roosters we know and what kind of spirit we need to adopt for 2017

Who are Aquarians ?  Are they the eccentric rebels? Are they peace, love and brotherhood ? or are they detached and chilly emotionally ?  They might be a mix of them all. So many innovative and interesting people born under this sign  that I could not fit everythign into this longer show .  Stay tuned for a part 2 or an extra playlist :)

Come relax with winter music, poetry, thoughtful quotes and musings on the season

All oldies and a bit of swing - a selection to make you bop and dance - to lift your mood !

Capricorns are subtle and complex, ambitious, loyal, sexy and strategic.  Come find out much more to understanding your Capricorn loved ones. 

The New Year is all about hope for a fresh start, reflecting on our regrets and making those resolutions to change and better ourselves. We're goign to have some fun with those themes with great music to go with it in this show. Ultimately it's all about going with the flow of what is, and moving on :)

Can't sleep ? Stressed about the holidays ? Want some company tonight ? Join us for humour and music all about inappropriately funny Christmas themes !  Join Ck Twight and Catharine Allan having some fun to help you through the holidays !

The darkest days are upon us and the rebirth into light begins at 5:44 am EST on December 21st - the winter solstice.  You can make the holiday season special and meaningful if you connect to the planet, Nature, and your ancestors. Come listen to music for Yule, Christmas and the shift of darkness into light :)

We discuss the aspects of this Gemini Full moon, which is nicely supported by Jupiter and Mars - highly versatile and social will work well for now. The Sagittarian Sun/Saturn conjunction is another story. Music and comedy, meditation for cord cutting follows - all set for this season ?  Has your week had a touch of irony to it?  Maybe you just want to sleep and cocoon on the inside but feel festive on the outside ?  Listen in...

We explore the true definitions of a guru, and listen to some of the masters - the shadow gurus ( cult leaders) and play devotional mantras and meditation.  Some gurus are both wise AND have their ego make a mess of life for themselves and others. The Guru archetype is part of the crown chakra - our connection to the Divine coming through us, vs the ego deciding it is omnipotent.  Check it out

It's the New Moon in Sagittarius and we explore all aspects of this sign on tonight's show.  From the generational aspect of Pluto in Sagittarius from 1995  - 2008 we can see how the ideas and ideals of this sign shaped the world we now live in.  Great music, movie clips, discussion and guided meditation - Enjoy!


Exploration of different philosophies of dreaming and their meaning - from Adler to Freud to Jung.   Interviews with two lucid dreamers who also had spirit contact dreams that changed their lives. Great music around dreams and a guided meditation to help you dream and manifest. 

The full moon in Taurus today ( November 14th) is quite intense because the sun in Scorpio is opposing the Moon in Taurus - both strong, fixed signs - one wants change through deep transformation - the other wants things to stay how they are.  we look at the astrology and aftermath of a very intense week - Trump's win as president, and the passing of Leonard Cohen, along with music and meditation to uplift your spirits.

Unrequited Love - when the one you love doesn't love you in return. It's a painful and complex journey through the emotions of an un-reciprocated love. We have three interviews plus my own story tonight as well as music, movie scenes and readings to help you understand it, feel it and let it go 

Happy Halloween or Samhain ! This show is on the New Moon in Scorpio and explores this sign in depth with discussion and music.  Scorpios are perhaps the most misunderstood or feared sign when they really needn't be - they are the truth seekers and they are formidable.  Have a listen  :)

Tonight we interview Frederic Serre, former crime scene reporter and photographer, free lance journalist, cartoonist and actor who has had some uncanny experiences of being in the right place at the right time to intervene and save lives. We talk to him about how his intuitive process works - very compelling.  We then look at myths about intuition and how it works, look at some films and music clips of the fake, the entertaining, and the very authentic amongst professional mediums and intuitives. Join us !

An intense Full Moon in Aries this weekend is explored in all  its aspects, with music and movie clips from well known people who are born with their moon in Aries as well.  Passionate, bold, blunt, fun and risk taking - a warrior on the inside is the Aries moon ! Great music, meditation and discussion on this full moon. Join us :) 

Tonight's show we have a special guest - Intuitive Mitchell Osborne - Tarot Reader, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Dream analyst and soon to be Hypnotherapist.  We delve into the tarot tonight, how we use it, lessons we've learned, and trusting it to guide out lives.  We answer the big question, How does the tarot work ?  Then we delve into specific cards and play music that goes with them. Enjoy !

We explore the complexities of the Libra sign on this show.  The traditional horoscopes will have you thinking Libras are here to balance everything and focused on relationships, rather passive. Not so ! There are some very strong and firm Libras, and some very non- politically correct ones too.  There are so many greats to choose from.  We have a great cross section of famous Libras' music, film clips, politicians and a guided meditation at the end. 

How do we take care of ourselves at the Equinox ? We shift from Yang energy of Spring and Summer to Yin energy for the Autumn and Winter.  We must let things go. Listen to some great music for the season and learn how to care for yourself  according to Chinese Medicine :)

The eclipse on September 16th coincided with Chiron in Pisces - our core wounds of feeling we don't truly belong here , that somehow we suffer alone or in vain. It isn't true at all. Suffering is universal and we can learn to reframe our lives and heal the wound. Chiron, the Wounded Healer shows us that we can turn our most painful experiences into helping and healing others as well - the true turning point. Great music and a guided meditation to help you feel less alone. Enjoy

Can you believe its' been 15 years already since the World Trade Center collapsed ?  This show we interview Sandra Jelmi, astrologer and AE 911 Truth Commission member, on her work and take on these events.  We then take a look at newsworthy events from the year 2001 as well as music, movies and how things have shifted since then. A guided meditation to help envision a positive future closes the show. Enjoy and share with others :)

Getting to know your Virgo on tonights' show.  An exploration of the wonderful and the difficult side of this sign with music and film clips of famous Virgos.  A guided meditation afterwards to open and relax the neck, chest and shoulders - and open the heart chakra. 

The logistics of getting this show right are mirroring the planets .  I had not pressed the record button as usual , so this is the show I did AFTER the live broadcast.  We delve into the many planetary aspects of this upcoming eclipse - Sept 1st - and Mercury Retrograde - August 30th to Set 22nd - and see what it means and how you can use the positive aspects to help further your goals.and healing.

The first interview in the theme of Real Deals and Scam Artists in the Psychic community.  Today we pay respect to the full moon week we had, it's intensity and emotion. We play music that predicted events before their time, as well as honour the Tragically Hips' last concert.  Come here Eric's interview on his extensive experiences with psychics of ALL kinds and what he has learned and wants everyone to know.  Really interesting stuff !

The Full Moon is upon us on the 18th of August. It is Full in Aquarius in our 7th house of relationships in the Eastern Time Zone.  Are you feeling rebellious ? Are you feeling the need to break free ? Are there relationship issues around you fitting in, accepting your true self or others' true selves ?  Come listen to the music and qualities of this moon and what we can expect this week!  We also have live Skype readings ! I encourage more of you to call in to the show - we want to hear your voices 

August 11th and 12th the Perseid Meteor showers are peaking and more visible in the night skies.  Geomagnetic storms such as this carry affects on our radio towers, devices, and our physical bodies - especially the heart.  Electromagnetic Fields are heightened in modern life and have a great impact on our health depending on a number of factors and your own sensitivity. Come hear the story of Riva and what happened to her, and how she healed herself.  Great music, live readings and meditation as always :)

This New Moon feels very powerful arriving August 2nd at 4:44am - a master number / angel number !  We look in-depth at various traits of the Leo personality and play great music, movie clips and have live intuitive readings at the end of the show. Have a listen :)

We all needing some uplifting after the week we all had.  The Republican's chose Trump as their candidate and we have heard non stop terrorist attacks - we are weary, foggy brained, disoriented.  This show is all about how we can raise our vibrations and heal ourselves. You will experience the Solfeggio frequencies and feel happier, lighter, released from old emotional blockages.  Listen in !

This extra long show is dear to my heart. I think about astrology and social change all the time. Today we explore the full moon in Capricorn, which also will conjunct Pluto before it hits it's fullness July 19th. The past 2 weeks has been terrible in the news - Orlando shootings, Black men gunned down in his car, 5 Officers dead in Dallas defending a protest movement, terrorism in Nice, France, and a Coup D'Etat in Turkey.  What is going on ?  We look at the effects of Pluto in Capricorn and the over arching energy through the decades of protest from the 60's up to today.  Join us for all this with great music, live readings and calming meditation. 

This show explores the sudden shift of mood this week with Mars stationing direct, events in the USA, and the impact many people have been feeling. Now is the time to decide what to do next after 10 weeks of introspection this spring. This show will help you explore your feelings around your decisions with great music, readings and guided meditation.

Part 1 of this show on Periscope goes into the current New Moon in Cancer astrology, along with the recent Mars Stationing direct and how it affects us.  Part 2 we hear movie and music clips from famous Cancerians - ones who made us cry, dance, laugh and ones like the Dalai Lama who have changed the world.  Tune in :)

Part 2 of this show on Periscope can be seen and heard here :)  A look at the astrology of Donald Trump as a person beyond the persona we see in the media.  A good look at narcissism and some great examples of celebrities and their music - Kanye anyone ?  Readings and guided meditation to crashing waves to relax you at the end. Enjoy !

To watch and listen to the first part of the show tonight on Periscope Live video follow this link  Full Moon and Summer Solstice tonight.  We had two full moons in Sagittarius this year, a very rare event, as well as the full moon falling on the solstice p which hasn't happened since 1967 . It is  a very special energy of finishing up old business. Meditation, music, readings and great fun on this week's theme. Have a listen !

Exploring the Real Root Chakra Meanings - do you feel you belong ? are you grounded? do you feel supported and know how to support yourself ? Exploring this in detail with readings, music and discussion.
Every week - The current vibe and LIVE READINGS!