Trusting Divine Timing

 Trusting Divine Timing

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”


David G. Allen

Patience is the hardest thing to muster sometimes. We want what we want when we want it - just like kids. As adults we are supposed to be more mature and wise than that, and we are ...sometimes.  Now. when we are impatient for love, wealth or travel  we try to change our thoughts to manifest it. But craving and impatience aren't manifesting energies. They are addiction energies.

If we want things to come to us that we desire we have to truly believe we deserve it, be ready for it on a deep level, and be able to  handle it and allow it in when it arrives. This path does work when you understand what kind of energy you must hold for it to work. But it is just that -  a lot of work.

Our other option or stance is to 

trust in the Divine timing of the Universe - which is beyond our control.

  This is  a position of patience and faith. It also is a path of wisdom because the wise know we do not find love every day or with whom we dictate. Wealth takes work, and the wise know that you work all your life to be an overnight success. Travel takes money and planning before the spontaneity comes, and other major decisions usually take a lot of little things coming together at once.

Everything has it's time. We know this yet we can't seem to stop judging ourselves and  others for not having everything happen presto presto!  If something takes time, people start projecting onto you that it must not be "meant to be " or that you are doing something wrong by not  "attracting" it yet. We look for signs and omens in every little thing to tell us if something is good or bad for us. I am certainly not dissing sign and omens, but we really have no control over the timing of many things in our lives.

We can't force love, and we can't force ourselves to be ready for big changes.

Ask a  former smoker how many times they tried to quit before succeeding and they'll often tell you they were  finally, mysteriously or suddenly ready.

Readiness is an emotional state we have no control over.

We know how to lose weight, but we aren't ready emotionally to lose weight.  We have dating services and meet people but we aren't' ready to trust anyone. We want to succeed at our career but we aren't ready for the responsibility it will bring when we do. We want to change home, city or country but we aren't ready to let go of our old lives just yet. We want to buy a new car but we aren't ready to be everyone's chauffeur. We want to have children but we aren't ready to give up our own freedom.  The examples are infinite, and the reasons are often subconscious, so being ready for the change you logically know how to make is not so obvious.

We need to stop judging ourselves for taking the time it takes. We need to trust that there is a Divine timing we are not privy to, that says, hey! It's time now. You've earned this!  


 are ready now! It's over- its' ok

 When we get too stuck in our ruts the Universe comes along to make us change in some way. We still have a choice at that moment, but we must change.

With health it comes down to illness or wellness. With love it comes down to being alone or risking being vulnerable. With wealth it comes to our sense of worth and comfort with our own power. And with other major life decisions it seems to come down to many factors aligning at onc

e that make the doors fling open and the path easier to walk.


 2010 I had this type of Divine timing enter my life.

  I felt compelled to apply to work at a Carnival

that was set up near Bromont for the summer. I don't' camp, but bought my camping supplies and had a lot of help volunteered to me to get it set up. I went up every weekend and somehow always had a ride offered. None of it was work. That summer I wa

s walking home from the Carnival grounds to the camp site and as I walked along the green paths with only starlight to guide the way I remembered my childhood in the country.  I recovered a side of me that I had been missing - and decided to move to another area with more greenery. But I was resisting out of fear or procrastination - a bit of denial hoping maybe my current space could be ok after all. It wasn't. It was a need too great to be compromised anymore, and as I continued to hum and ceiling collapsed ! I saw my cat run for it, then a piece of plaster about 5 by 7 fell to the ground at 


.  I had to call the fire department and the police who came to inspect it. It turned out my new slum lords didn't' have any insurance on the building ( not good ). So I recognized this as my window. I withheld rent and moved out to my current place - full of trees and quiet :) Now I have the closest thing to country in the city. This is why my raccoons are so special to me. They visit almost every night. 

I missed my deep connection to Nature from childhood. I consider this domino of events a miracle that propelled me into a new life.

I"m sure you have stories of your own Divine timings to share as well. 

Sometimes the way it plays out is so perfect there's no way we could've designed

it or willed it to happen. No way! 

So the problem isn't that things do n

ot eventually line up for us -

the problem is what we do with ourselves while we wait :)