Choose A Mind-Set That Works

We all have certain thoughts that get us through life. Some help us or have their own mysterious ways of working things out for us. Others keep us locked in deep conditioning and play on repeat like a scratchy record.  I believe that there are certain thoughts we need at different times in our lives to grow.

One example of this I'm sure you will recognize is when someone talks about a situation that is obviously painful or complex and say, "I don't' care".  Well, that's BS and we all know it. So do they deep down, bu for that timing in their lives it is needed as a mind set to detach them and help them carry on functioning - or it's used to keep themselves away from taking responsibility. At any rate, it is a chosen mindset.

When I was detaching from a long term relationship where I was taking on too much responsibility for them,  I needed to remind myself over and over - its' not mine to solve.  This was counter intuitive to my nature at the time. I always feel what others want and need and usually jump up to give it to them. In this case, after soul searching, I needed to leave this relationship. IN order to negotiate the timing and feel my own feelings around it vs theirs, I had to practice staying with myself and detach from their issues. It was tough, but it got me through it and even to a graceful parting of ways.
To think this way wasn't my true nature, nor did it feel real to me yet, but the mind set of those thoughts mirrored what I needed to complete the process well.

Can you think of times when you needed to do or think something out of character to get you through    a situation ?  We often do it in situations that feel
like our survival is at stake.

We can also choose a mentality for future success
too though !  Can you think of a time you held a
great mindset and though pattern that brought you what you needed or wanted ? This is true manifestation ! Emotionally and mentally in line with a positive outcome and desire.

I love this excerpt from The Tao of Pooh. This is the mindset that changed my life. I rad it almost 20 years ago and the underlying philosophy that life could work without trying so hard, without strife....was mind blowing and SO comforting to my soul It flew directly against everything I leaned growing up. It gave me true peace. It also allowed the period where my intuition grew the most.

Trusting that things happen when and as they need to...without a sense of deserving it, or being punished if it isn't... without being afraid something will be missed if I'm not a work-a-holic, or hyper-vigilante...that I could access a side of life and myself that allowed a smooth ride and enjoyment.  WOW!   When I have drifted off into my old habits and then return to the Tao, life always deepens, calms and improves. We all make better decisions with a calm mind that is not judging. This is the mind set that gets me there.

      What is it for you ?