Saturn in Sagittarius - Gurus, Extremists, Explorers and Truth Tellers

Every three years we are presented with a new lesson period from Saturn. It plays out for everyone, no exceptions.  We will feel it in the air on the news, in our cultural tastes and topics, and in the policies brought forward that affect us.  Saturn is the great teacher adn time keeper - Chronos.  This influence has the effect of us feeling tested, restriicted, or dampened in some area of our lives. It is ever ongoing in our lives as well - it just changes sign and house in our own charts, switching from one area of life to the next and with very different qualities. When it shifts sign it's a big deal, because the next three years of our lives will be affected in that area.
Sagittarius is the sign that follows Scorpio. IN Scorpio we dig to the bottom of everything. We leave no stone unturned and we seek the truth no matter where it leads us.  It often leads us into the murky shadows of ourselves and human nature. We have had to deal with very graphic and gruesome world news under its' influence - dismemberment, beheadings, children stolen and used as suicide bombers, gang rapes, the fall from grace of cultural icons due to sexual deviance and violence and terrifying Ebola outbreaks. It's a very dark and depressing aspect of mankind to understand. So Scorpio leads us down that well of ever darker more mysterious psychological and spiritual realms until we hit some sort of bottom.
 When we move into Sagittarius, we have seen the bottom, we feel we have seen the Truth ( according to us) and we re-emerge to share it. We may say it loud and proud and with full certainty that we have THE way to live.  Before we get to the podium, the best selling booksehleves or the nightly newscast, we will have had to do some research and study, return to higher eductaion, undergo very intensive personal reflection, and have seen the world from a larger perspective. It is here we witness how the individual has come by their knowledge, by what values they will live their lives, and by what philosophy we "should" re-order society.  Sagittarius isn't so much interested in the work of restructuring - we leave that to the Capricorns.  They are interested in shaping the guiding ideas, morals, and ideologies to guide society forward. 
This is the birth place of the Guru, the Extremist,  the Explorer and the Truth Teller. We will be seeing more of these emerge, and we will be seeing their validity under Saturn's scrutiny. If someone's message is false it will likely fall apart.  There is another result though, that they hold on by more oppressive means  like a toddler who has been told,"No".
In practical terms it may mean more sects and centers and churches or mosques being built.  IT may mean more political arguments on Facebook.  It may help you align with people whose ideas you do passionately align.  It may bring more Self Help and How To books.  IT could lead us into more battles that are religiously motivated.  It could lead to more debate or challenges to freedom of speech (  the Je Suis Charlie  murders occurred the week Saturn went into Sagittarius) It might bring concrete education reform.  We may see reform or more laws around internet use, travelling, publishing, and religious self expression.  We have already had a large taste of this while Pluto was travelling through Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008.  
If you want an idea what may occur we can look to that time frame in our lives and on the global stage. Pluto is a more difficult energy than Saturn, but the themes will be similar. Saturn has more potential to bring order and structure to things than pure upheaval.
If you want an idea what may happen in your personal life during this time you can go way back to 1985 to 1988.  What was changing then for you ?  How did you handle it then ? If something pops up again from that time are you ready to shift your way of seeing it ? find closure? or accept round two ?  You can also look at what was being thrown into question from 1995 -2008. Now Saturn will come along for a much shorter window and with some patience and discipline you can have a victory over some of those repetitive issues.  
Here is an overview of how you might see the next three years for each Sun sign. it will be more relevant though to read your Ascendant - this is the actual house it is passing through:   Click here for your forecast