Saturn Square Neptune

Caging the Fog

Saturn Square Neptune  Caging the Fog

This month is a big one for significant astrological changes in the overall mood our culture could move toward.  On November 27th Saturn - planet of discipline, structure, time, seriousness learning our lessons come hell or high water, string foundations and feeling tested or restricted - squares off with Neptune - planet of dreams, illusions, creativity, sacrifices, escapism, addiction and dissolution. Can you already see how different these energies are?  They will be in a square aspect 90' for the next two years so their influence is significant.  

Where Saturn seeks to secure or define something, Neptune will cast a fog or dissolve it.  We could see a time when many things are just not at all what we thought they were.  You may have already begun this process if you are highly sensitive.  Have some of your relationships surprised you once you saw the essence of them ? Have you realised the ways you may have put someone or something on a pedestal or see them with rose coloured glasses?  Are you trying to build something solid and it keeps slipping away ?  

When cold hard reality planet collides with multi-dimensional and unseen reality what can we expect ? It all depends which end of the spectrum you tend to live in.  If you prefer things practical and clear you may be challenged with situations that make you open your mind to other dimensions. If you live in the esoteric or spiritual realm, you may be confronted with the physical reality of your body, finances etc. You may also see many people challenge your thinking since Saturn will be in Sagittarius. We may be especially susceptible to charming guru types who guide us while things seem to be falling apart and we can't bring things under control. We may also find amazing teachers as well who inspire us. Here is the might be hard for us to tell which is which for a while.

In the bigger picture of things - whatever comes into question in our lives will show us the real from the illusion, and as we become ever clearer on our true values, and see who are real friends are, and get that gritty honesty about our life direction - there can be enormous healing. We just have to embrace this phase and accept it.  

This month we have a few other interesting aspects going on.  Neptune will be going direct - which is good news.  We can come out of a long introspective and perhaps sluggish phase that began in mid June.  We also will see Chiron - the wounded healer - go direct.  This also means whatever pain we are internalising or that may be operating unconsciously can be brought to light.