Eclipses by House

Eclipses affect our lives as we come to decisions, exterior events and crossroads that now we must face and make choices about.  How do you know which area of your life will be affected ?

We look at the degree of the eclipse and then we see what house it falls in in your chart.  If you want to have your birth-chart done you can go to and fill in your information.  Next you can see where the first eclipse fell, September 1st at 9 degrees Virgo, and the second at 24 degrees Pisces.  The house it is in will tell you what area of life will be challenged to awaken and grow.

Eclipse in the 1st House  - This is the house of your physical appearance, and body. It is also how people first perceive you.  An eclipse here could bring you anything from a style makeover, to a lost tooth.  It could suddenly make you visible in your career field, or it could bring gossip. You may experience changes in your physical energy level or health in ways that are visible to others - anything from a new haircut to a sprained ankle.  The deeper challenge is your identity to the outside world is being tested.

Eclipse in the 2nd House -  This is the house of money, values and boundaries.  An eclipse in this area can test your finances either by restricting it, a sudden expense crops up, a last minute repair etc.  or it can bring some good luck like a bonus. When our finances are stretched for good or bad it really asks us to get in touch with our true values - what is worth what ?  Is the extra car worth the stress it's bringing ? How are you handling that raise - with grace ? What boundaries are being tested by this and what does it say about your core beliefs?

Eclipse in the 3rd House -  This is the house of communication, mental health, siblings, short excursions and cities vs country.  With this area challenged there may be any form of miscommunication, OR if used well maybe it's time to write that honest letter, or have that big talk you know is needed. It can bring any number of situations related t your brothers and sisters that shift your life around. You may find your brain foggy, meditative, or extra clear. The deeper lesson is to look at how your mind works - core beliefs, non verbal cues as well as speaking clearly to others. 

Eclipse in the 4th House - This house is all about your foundations - your family , family history, your home, your childhood and parents. Yes - this is a BIG area of life so any changes and challenges here are going to affect the whole life like a wheel of fortune.  An eclipse in this house could bring up old wounds, old memories, celebrate an anniversary of some sort, a wedding, birth or new home. It could be a leaky roof, a move of residence. You may have a moment of deeper bonding with a parent, or a rift deepen.  The  eclipse will ask you to really dig at your emotional roots and autonomy.  You are your own best friend and rely on yourself emotionally - this is the very difficult challenge of this house. It also truly liberates you.

Eclipse in the 5th House -  This is the house of romance, creativity and children.  This eclipse can bring in a new love, or see the end of a current romance. Remember this is more about dating and short term relationships vs a marriage, although if the romance is gone it will challenge it.  You can also feel the call to be more creative in your life now, and have an artistic identity crisis.  You may produce something great under this influence too if you are not perfectionist about it.  This house wants free self expression - so the events are there to push you to do so. Be authentically you. 

Eclipse in the 6th House - This is the house of health and service, extended family and pets.  In this case an eclipse here can bring a health challenge to deal with.  Health is a very intricate process. There is usually an underlying belief system or emotional state beneath the ailment - not that it completely causes it or fixes it, but in part will help to heal it faster.  You can look at lots of material written on what each body part and ailment can mean, but for one example - ask yourself if your knee pain is related to not forgiving someone ? perhaps yourself?  It will also challenge you to discern between service and servitude.  Where are you giving too much and resenting it ? STOP. Where are you neglecting yourself ( not serving yourself well) TAKE CARE of yourself. 

Eclipse in the 7th House - This is the house of marriages, partnerships - emotional or even business, and open enemies. This is where relationship issues are going to crop up in an eclipse. We all know the range of what this can bring, so it's time to evaluate your relationships and perhaps let go of some, change your entourage, cultivate new ones.  It could bring up a specific issue in your marriage that shows you just how close you really are - its' not always bad !  We also can suddenly meet someone special in this energy. Either way - your intimate relationship life is about to shift.

Eclipse in the 8th House - this is a very hard place to have it. This is the house of Sex, death and other people's money.  This can bring the hidden up to light in good ways or upsetting ways.  IT can bring up financial issues but in a different way than the 2nd house. How it's the money we get from others, or are responsible for that isn't ours. Think of loans, debts, things owed. Sexuality issues can be tested in this eclipse too - an awakening of desires we hope! IF not, it can  bring temptation, or any number of psychological issues surrounding your sexuality.  Death - well eclipses don't predict our demise. It may provoke deep thoughts or fears of it though.  On the good side it can really bring healing breakthroughs and consciousness raising on the harder things in life. Or - it can bring you a sudden win-fall . Let's hope !

Eclipse in the 9th House - This is the house of travel, higher learning, expressing your truth as you see it, and country vs city.  The eclipse here can bring a new opportunity for travel or someone exotic into your life to learn from.  It can bring events on foreign soil that affect us here.  It also rules the internet.. so anything related to your laptop, cell phone email hacking or scams, or good news via these things as well.  If you are travelling under the eclipse you can expect unusual circumstances somewhere within the trip - which can be fun or not so fun. A delayed flight, a fascinating conversation on the train, getting lost on a trail or being invited by locals in a new place to share dinner and a slice of their lives.  There is some adventure in this one, and how you handle adapting and integrating the values and ideas you encounter on the way will say if you grow or shut your mind to others different from you. 

Eclipse in the 10th House - This is the house of Career, status, limelight or the public eye, the authority aspect - your strongest parent or a boss. The eclipse will happen in the area of your job more than likely, and if not its' related to one of your parents.  You may be cast in the public eye in a big way, or a small way within your family or at work. The reason for this can be promotional,  controversial, gossip or popularity.  The pressure of this is what you're dealing with here. How are you handling the public scrutiny ? if it's good or bad, misunderstanding or exaltation - are you still you? are you able to hold all the energy coming your way with grace ?

Eclipse in the 11th House - This is the house of groups, communities and organisations. This is the house where you are asked to drop your personal interests and ego and work together for a broader purpose with others. We idealise this aspect of life, but it isn't easy at all.  To find the balance between your own identity and belonging to a greater purpose or group at the same time takes a high level of skill and self awareness. This eclipse events will bring something to make you find greater balance and ponder these values. 

Eclipse in the 12th House - this is the house of the subconscious, the dream life, the collective unconscious where we can sense that we are all One and feel what is going on in the collective. You may experience funky or foggy states of mind. You may have a prophetic dream. You may respond well to affirmations, meditation and hypnosis at this time. You may see clearer how your early programming of thoughts and beliefs are impacting you today.  You may sense energy. You may feel the effects of something happening far away from here, and not to you at all - because your'e tapped into the whole, even the cosmic.  An eclipse here is still very challenging but on a psychological way, and in private. It may not be obvious or conscious for a while what the events have done to shift you, but you know you feel differently. The challenge here is to allow the old, even past life, to surface and leave your deeper psyche now. IT is also the challenge to differentiate what is yours vs what isn't - on every level. The healing potential of this placement is strong.