Gemini New Moon

This new moon in Gemini is special because  Mars is in Gemini as well as the Sun and Moon!  Gemini is a curious fellow.  They have to know what's current, who's with whom, the latest facts on global warming, and they have to keep up with all the ideas in their heads.  

This sign wants to do five things at once and is usually able to pull it off.

They know many people and can adapt to whoever they are with, which then becomes exhausting so they need down time. It can be extreme to those who want to be close to them.  Social butterfly and then cave man.  

We may find our own dual nature comes up to be seen when these planets align. We all have our masks. Those times we have to be ON for work, or perform in some way. We may want to examine them for the New Moon period and adjust how much we play roles that no longer fit.

We will also want to watch for our aggressive side with Mars as well. Mars and the Moon together can be very passionate, moody or downright bitchy.  It can create intrigues, and gossip.  It can be a deceptive combination sometimes or a self sabotaging aspect at times.  It's only a short influence so we just have to keep our patience in check and not get too excited before checking things are what they say they are.