Seeing With The Heart

Seeing With the Heart

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Despite how much information, pain and trauma we are exposed to daily in life and via the news or internet - we still essentially avoid talking about things openly in daily life with those closest to us.  Perhaps human nature just cant' handle this degree of intimacy. So even if we SEE something clearly, it is often very hard to know how to address it and how to go about it in the best way for all involved. 

We bump into someone's denial.  They have a right to choose not to deal with something too - we just don't want to see them suffer their own consequences. So we try to help or guide, or downright push, shove and meddle. 

Other times we can sense or SEE what is surrounding someone that they are not consciously aware of or consciously avoiding. What do we do then ?  Most of the time they also sense that we see something. They may avoid us, get agitated or excited around us. They may try to coax us to tell them what's up. It creates intrigue and mystery. And sometimes it is a mystery to us what we''re sensing too!  Those musky gut feelings - those visceral YES's or NO's.  Conveying this level of information and intimacy is also  really not easy or obvious. 

So how do we see with the heart? How can we make the most of these situations of insight - because more insight is in the stars for months to come - with Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Pluto and Venus all retrograde. We'll be seeing and sensing and feeling and knowing more and more. 

Seeing with the heart means to have compassion for yourself and others in the process.  It means you allow yourself and others space, mentally and emotionally. You create a safety zone around you and them so any deep material can come out safely and sensitively. This is the sweetest kind of closeness. 

So if you are remembering something from ten years ago, lost in your own funk - be kind to yourself and take your time to process and share when and with whom you wish.  Your inner life is important. Sacred. 

And if you find you are sensing something about someone close to you and it is troubling you - breathe. You don't 'have to share it, and if and when you do you have permission to do ti when your'e comfortable with it.  Sense and see with your heart when it is time - if ever - to share it with the other person. Treat it as precious as it is, and it can melt barriers. 

Softly see 
Softly share

Have a wonderful month