New Moon in Cancer

July 15th the New Moon arrives in Cancer where it is completely at home and in it's best expression.  The Moon rules the sign so it is warm and cosy while visiting. We can expect our emotional and sentimental side to be highlighted. We feel good in our skin. 

This particular New Moon we have a stellium of planets in Cancer- the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. If there were ever a time to open your heart to someone it's now. Cancer rules vulnerability and nurturing. They are experts at holding a safe space for you to confide. ON top of this there are nice aspects to Neptune and to Saturn, so we may really have a breakthrough if we share how we truly feel.  There could be magical romantic moments that actually have a lasting effect.  There are also challenging aspects to Mercury and the Mars with Pluto, so it can really go either way - a very deep soul searching conversation, or a reveal that could hurt.  

As long as you remember to be gentle and calm in your delivery - allow yourself to speak what's in your heart and it'll be for your higher good.