Powerful Partial Solar -New Moon -Eclipse September 13th in Virgo

September 13th at 4:40am we have a partial solar eclipse, on a New Moon in Virgo.  It will also be in strong aspect to Pluto - so the death and rebirth theme is stronger. Eclipses are times of twists and turns, things coming to light, things hidden then revealed.  With Pluto there it may bring up a lot of things held inside, or even erupt with details previously unknown.

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse at 20 Degrees Virgo is a Caravan of Cards Headed West.  It really suggests team work and getting on the road in the same direction together. With our current Syrian refugee crisis, hopefully this could represent global aid that is organised in a meaningful way - we can hope :)

Uranus in Aries also makes a grinding aspect to this eclipse, showing that a possible outburst or shock could come into play.  And even though Saturn isn't making an aspect, it is in the last degrees of Scorpio - indicating or affirming a closure to one cycle and the opening up of another.  Things always change in life of course, but there ARE times we feel the demarcations more loudly - the door closes, locks or slams.  This is feeling like one of those times, but in a good way - one of those "enough's enough" times and moving forward on that.

Venus and Mars are both still in Leo so expect some reactions and perhaps some stubbornness to arise, with fixed signs Leo and Scorpio squaring off, but this can be a really good time to shed something, move forward, announce something different - if you are feeling clear then GO for it!