Venus in Virgo - The Devil is in the Details

Venus will visit Virgo from July 18th to September 6th and will still be felt until October 9th in its post retrograde shadow.  Venus represents what we desire and how feminine energy is expressed in a person.  In an Earth sign like this, Venus desires more than beauty, we will also want practicality and function.  Venus in Virgo is a great time to edit a novel or essay, balance your bank accounts, pull out any paper work or reading that requires you to be focused on the details. It is a wonderful influence for health as well. We can sometimes get obsessively "pure" in Virgo so watch for any signs you are too attached to those details. Otherwise it is a great influence to start eating better, exercising, paying attention to any food allergies, including cleanses and supplemental herbs, 

The overall desire of Virgo is to be pure - pure of heart, mind, body and spirit.  We will do anything needed to master something to have it refined and working perfectly. 

We also desire to be of service to others in this Venus placement. We may see you volunteering for something or generally making yourself more available to help others. 

Virgo can be a super perfectionist as well. It is part of the path of mastering something that we have to become so entranced in it's perfection that we can become obsessive.  There needs to be this part though, so we learn the absolute limitations of something, including ourselves !

Since Virgo wants it perfect, they want you perfect too. Saying the right thing at the right time, wearing or presenting yourself well, good manners etc will all be more important. Virgo can become so driven to find a perfect way that it becomes THE way, and they can risk becoming rigid and when this happens you get a very defensive, or bitter person who "just wanted to help". 

As we enter into this period, especially when Jupiter joins her in August, draw from the better  qualities and don't criticise or judge others, but mainly don't become too hard on yourself. A lot can be accomplished under this influence