Retrogrades Effect on Our Lives

I've been pondering all week what analogies would work to express how retrogrades affect us - and have come up with some that I hope will make the planetary energies real for you. Retrograde motion happens when a planet seems to be going backwards or in reverse. Symbolically this means something feels out of synch, energy feels either awkward or introverted.  Depending on our own charts and personality, we can enjoy this and other times it can bring up intense frustration.

Venus in Virgo Retrograde: Venus represents our desires. What does Virgo desire? purity, cleanliness, health, everything in its' proper category, analysis, learning, good manners and grooming.  When this energy retrogrades imagine going on a date with someone who picks the lint off your shirt , judges your choice of wine and asks that the music be turned down at the restaurant - all while presenting themselves impeccably.  We can go overboard with the details and criticism .

Saturn in Scorpio Retrograde: Saturn represents those tough lessons in life. He restricts our access so we are forced to learn by living without ease or comfort.  When Saturn is in Scorpio we are really tested to go beyond the veils and see the deep truth and shadow in others and humanity. When Saturn retrogrades in Scorpio imagine the intensity felt if you walked in on your best friend cheating on their spouse with your brother's wife.  All at once your loyalties to each are thrown into question, your power in the situation could be tempting to use in some direction, and now you have to weigh all the ethics and feelings involved, as well as deal with your own hurt or jealousy.  You just can't get to the heart of the matter without soul searching.

Chiron in Pisces Retrograde:  Chiron is our wounded self. Think of the site of a deep cut on the skin, how raw it can be - this is how Chiron feels in our charts. In Pisces the wound is related to our sense of spirituality and oneness and also to suffering as noble. When it retrogrades imagine the person who is ill but won't ask for help for fear of being seen as weak, being rejected, or thinking they are here to suffer. 

Uranus in Aries Retrograde :  Uranus is eccentric and electric. It is fiercely independent and will cut and run in a millisecond if something isn't right. It reacts - quickly, boldly, and impersonally.  In Aries, add the warrior mind set. Add to it also the impulsive and emotionally reactive side.  When this retrogrades imagine a hyper friendly dog who can't sit put him in a cage.  This is one aspect that is not pleasant if you are easily frustrated and impatient. 

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde:  Neptune is our dreamy introverted side. He ruled the oceans and waves - deeply connected to the seas that connect us all.  It represents where we can be suspended between dreams and reality, ecstasy and escapism. In Pisces - it's ruler- it is at home.  When Neptune retrogrades imagine you are meditating and can hear every sound in your home and outside, you just KNOW how everyone is feeling and you start to go into a light trance where you receive strong intuitions.  It heightens our feelings and intuitive awareness. You may feel no pull to share these with anyone however.

Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde: Pluto is our death and re-birth planet. It brings up all the intense and difficult things imaginable so that they are seen and then transformed and healed. In Capricorn we are seeing the shadow of governments, corporations, the power hungry and entitled 1%. We see the raw, cold ambition that lead to oppression. When it retrogrades imagine a calculating CEO sitting behind a huge desk with expensive leather chair and statue of the Globe while plotting how to take away access to a necessary road for people to get water - then imagine him getting caught and no one trusts him again unless there is repentance and damages paid to the people.  Much is being exposed to us and it is making many of us cynical, discouraged, or extremely determined to live in new ways.  Out of these difficulties innovation and new ways of perceiving the world will and are emerging. 

6 Retrogrades at Once:  You probably get it by now that this is a very intense time we are in. So much pent up energy. Things moving very slowly outwardly. Frustration and inner house cleaning.  Some of us may feel the need to scream it all out! and I'd encourage you all to find outlets that are productive for you like writing, arts, exercise, as well as activities to keep you calmer and patient with this process. We will all eventually emerge and be different by then