Mars into Leo - Courage or Drama ?

When Mars goes into Leo we see the strength of will come out.  People will find a way to drum up their action and passion for a goal and will stick to it with boldness and enthusiasm.  They are ready to receive the recognition due to them for hard work.  They can rise to some form of celebrity.  If they are not ready and  able to step up in this way, it can instead show up as attention grabs, drama for no reason, and various displays of ego run amuck - all of  which  stem from  fear deep down. 

Mars in Leo wants to BE someone and will take the risks to get there. It is about reignition not approval - they already know they're great.  They can be stubborn in good ways and bad, they are playful, romantic, intense and demonstrative.  This next few weeks can be a great time to launch a new attitude and follow up any actions needed to forward your more ambitious goals