Jupiter into Virgo - The Devil is in the Details

Much like the stroy or Red Riding Hood, we sometimes have to journey alone and pay very close attention on the path.  The details matter.  If you build the most beautiful dresser and in the end have forgotten the d-rawer knobs - it wont' open.  It is suddenly useless, no matter how well drawn, built, sanded or painted.  If you plan a beautiful party for someone as a surprise with everyone and everything in place, then the song to set the mood starts to skip, or doesn't play - it can ruin the mood.  Essentially the Devil is in the details means that one small aspect can sometimes make or break a project or even a relationship.  A classic example is someone looking to meet a life partner who finds someone who matches everything they've ever wanted, then rejects them because of their height, hair colour, job title - something that is very often small to work out or accept.  The pickiness that can come with Jupiter in Virgo can do us in and sabotage things that could otherwise work really well.  At other times, that same exacting mind for detail can find the needle in the haystack and save the day.  This is the kind of  year we have coming up.  

When do you respect that tiny detail that bugs you ?                                                                              When is that detail the deal breaker you need to heed?                                                                         It is purely personal judgement or comfort at that point. 

Jupiter is the planet that will increase, expand or exaggerate the traits of the sign it is in.  When it is in Virgo is is emphasizing a purification and evaluating energy. Virgo wants to try things on for size and then place it in the accurate category, so it is truthful and useful to others - themselves and as a collective. They are very service minded, so their efforts to dissect and describe are done to help others lives become more healthy and efficient. They always mean well, even if this can sometimes seem controlling or obsessive.

We will find ourselves doing many things this year to reflect this sign, including : studying, reading, writing, gardening, organising everything, de-cluttering, eating well, taking supplements or herbs, doing yoga, meditation or other exercise involving precision.  

We may see more focus on volunteer work, community groups, infrastructure concerning roads, schools, education system, hospitals and health care, unions, anything surrounding the elderly as well.  


Wherever Jupiter in Virgo falls in your chart will tell you  the area of your life now going through the microscope for improvement. 

1st house ( meaning you are Virgo Ascendant)  your personal appearance will be emphasized. You may change your style, wardrobe, hair style, play with your image and see what reactions come - maybe new glasses or something subtle to shift how you present yourself. You may be extra focused on exercise and weight loss etc.  It can also play out that you criticise or are critiqued more on your first impression to others in all senses. 

4th House could mean your home and  family  are under the microscope. Are you renovating? there will be so many details it could drive you crazy if you are not careful. It can also play out as a family who decide to eat better together, sharing cooking, sharing the budgeting, cleaning and form a system down pat. It can also be a household that takes everyone to task over small things they do wrong.  

These are just two examples, but show how this intensified eye for details can be wonderful or be destructive. It is all in how we use it, so let's set our intentions to use Jupiter's influence this year to really buckle down and get something on the right track that requires thinking it through well and some grit.  Let's affirm that we dont' use this energy to find what's wrong with everything and everyone in a cynical way. Instead let's use that info to turn things around as best we can .  This planet can really bring us some wonderfully humanitarian and pure actions